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Healthe Kids Screenings

Many families go years without seeing a doctor due to lack of insurance, copays or time off of work. Others that do seek medical care do so only at times of illnesses, accidents or other reactive events. Well-child screenings can have a tendency to be overlooked.

When health conditions are identified and treated early, many long-term effects can be greatly reduced. Families avoid costly medical care, a child’s overall development is fostered, and the child is able to perform to their fullest potential in school.

Healthe Kids Screenings offers free well-child screenings for elementary school children with parental consent, regardless of insurance circumstances. The comprehensive screenings include:

  • Height, weight and temperature
  • BMI calculation
  • Vital signs
  • Hearing test
  • Vision test (near and far)
  • Head-to-toe assessment (with clothes on)

During the screenings, clinicians can identify health issues and make appropriate referrals for follow-up care. Screening results are documented in a secure, Internet-accessible electronic health record (with parental permission). This information is available to a child’s school health worker and the parents, who can then share it with the child’s primary care provider.

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For more information, please email the Healthe Kids Screenings team.

Healthe Kids Screenings is always looking for ways to improve our processes. If we have preformed health screenings at your school, please take time to fill out the appropriate survey. We greatly appreciate your feedback.