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Donor Advised Funds

Clinical Decision Committee 2014–15

Donor Advised Funds are a type of charitable giving tool that offers significant tax savings over traditional giving. Members can use these charitable giving accounts to make donations to any charity they choose.

If you currently donate to your church, alma mater or other qualified not-for-profit organizations, Donor Advised Funds can help you have a greater impact and can offer you increased convenience.

Benefits of Donor Advised Funds:

  • Tax savings: These charitable giving accounts offer significant tax savings over traditional giving, particularly if the accounts are funded with appreciated securities.
  • Growth potential: Once an account is established, members can choose one of several investment options so their charitable dollars have an opportunity to grow, tax-free.
  • Convenience: Account donations can be easily distributed to one or many charities. And, with online account management, there is no need to track giving history or keep charitable receipts.
  • Cost: The accounts are simple and inexpensive compared to other tools such as foundations or family trusts.
  • Interactive simplicity: An online platform allows members to manage all aspects of their accounts online.

Opening an account
An account can be established easily through First Hand with an initial contribution of $1,000 (cash or marketable securities). To sign up for a Donor Advised Funds account, please fill out the form below and contact the Donor Advised Funds program manager.

Managing an account
Charitable giving accounts offer members around-the-clock Web access through DonorFirst, a secure online management tool. The DonorFirst platform allows you to manage grant recommendations, receive acknowledgements of gifts from recipient organizations, communicate with like-minded donors and view all account details.

Learn more
For more information, to sign up for a Donor Advised Funds account, or to see a preview of the DonorFirst site, please email the Donor Advised Funds program manager.