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Jeanne and Neal Spirit of Giving Award Winners

| November 2, 2017

At our annual Masquerade Ball, we traditionally recognize our top sponsor and Cerner associate, and this year’s recipients received the newly-named Jeanne and Neal Patterson Spirit of Giving Award.

These individuals truly embody the giving spirit and philanthropic heart that two of our co-founders so beautifully exemplified during their lifetimes. Join us in congratulating and thanking the following individual and company for their generous support of First Hand and, more importantly, the children and families we serve.

Cerner Associate of the Year
Bill Graff, Chief Information Officer

Bill sets the bar high for executive involvement in First Hand. He makes personal donations to our fundraising efforts, contributes items to our silent auction, manages relationships with our closest partners, empowers his team to make a difference through the foundation, and promotes First Hand every chance he gets. He does it all with a smile! Bill is an excellent example of an associate carrying on our founders’ legacy.

Sponsor of the Year
JE Dunn

JE Dunn, a legacy sponsor, has supported First Hand since the beginning of our events. Through the past decade, they have given over $315,000 to the foundation. JE Dunn has been a loyal relationship to Cerner, sponsor to First Hand and giver to our community. Like Cerner and the culture put in place by our founders, giving back to the community is a part of JE Dunn’s DNA. We are lucky to call them friends!

We had the pleasure of presenting them with their awards in-person. While we surprised Bill during a team meeting, we planned a get-together with JE Dunn and presented the award to William Dunn Sr., Bob Dunn, Steve Dunn, Gordon Lansford, and Greg Nook.

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