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Congratulations to our Court MVPs

| November 3, 2017

What a fundraising season! This year’s First Hand Court had record-breaking numbers, bringing in over $112,000. They sold sponsorships and tickets to the Masquerade Ball and also secured silent auction items for the event.

Through a long season of fundraising, we had two individuals who earned this year’s Court MVP award as our top fundraisers. Congratulations to Lynn Sander and Scott Rowe ! Join us in congratulating and thanking them both for their hard work and commitment to First Hand and the children and families we serve. In their own words, find out what inspires Lynn and Scott to support First Hand.

Lynn Sander
Cerner Corporation

Tell us about your Court experience: My experience as a Court Member was enjoyable because First Hand has such a great reputation in Cerner and Kansas City. It was fun and exciting to get others involved in fundraising and donating silent auction items.

Tell us how you want to leave your hand print on the world: I will leave my hand print on the world by giving and inspiring others to give. I strive to engage others and motivate them to grow into sources of inspiration themselves. Together, we can give back and create a community of good!

Scott Rowe
CrossFirst Bank

Tell us about your Court experience: It has been an absolute pleasure and honor to be a Court Member. What made this experience truly amazing is all of the support I received from my friends, family & customers. I am truly humbled by their support.

Tell us why you believe it’s important to give back: I can’t imagine a world where I and others don’t give back. We are part of an amazing country that was built on helping others. The moment we stop giving back is the day our country loses who we are and what we stand for. My father always told me that “it’s better to give than receive.” There is no feeling on this earth better than how you feel after giving back and seeing how you helped someone in need.

Just because his answer was fun, here’s another one from Scott

What are you looking forward to during Masquerade Ball: Bond? What I am looking forward to the most during Bond (besides all funds going to an amazing foundation) is when Sean Connery drives the Austin Martin DB5 on stage. Sean gets out of the car, hands me my license to kill and then asks me to join Her Majesty’s 00 program. After I obviously accept his invitation, Sean asks me to drive!

Unfortunately, this didn’t happen for Scott.

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