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Who We Are

Our Unique Model

First Hand is a unique model of corporate philanthropy that brings together Cerner associates, Cerner technology and the community to help children around the world.

First Hand encompasses two separate public 501(c)(3) charitable organizations: First Hand Foundation and Healthe Kids Institute. Each organization has a board of directors and share an advisory board that makes recommendations. First Hand Foundation was granted 501(c)(3) status from the IRS on January 23, 1996. Healthe Kids Institute was granted the status on June 29, 2013.

First Hand Advisory Board Members & Officers
Shanna Adamic First Hand Foundation Executive Director, Healthe Kids Institute Executive Director & Board of Directors
Travis Dalton
Richard Flanigan
Bill Graff
Allan Kells First Hand Foundation Vice President & Treasurer, Healthe Kids Institute Vice President & Treasurer
Lynn R. Marasco First Hand Foundation President & Secretary, Healthe Kids Institute Board of Directors, President & Secretary
Marc G. Naughton First Hand Foundation Board of Directors, Healthe Kids Institute Board of Directors
David T. Nill, MD
Cortney Patterson Barton
Tracy L. Platt First Hand Foundation Board of Directors
Brenna Quinn
Randy D. Sims First Hand Foundation Board of Directors
Matt Wildman
Cerner Associates
As contributors and program volunteers, Cerner associates are the driving force behind First Hand. They lend their health care knowledge, technology expertise and time to the foundation’s programs.
Community & Cerner Business Partners
Our local community donates generously to First Hand through events and makes valuable connections for us in the community.
Cerner Technology
First Hand grows and evolves by leveraging Cerner technology and the company’s forward-thinking vision.