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Words of Gratitude

Words cannot express how joyous I am regarding this funding! We have all been anxious and praying that such a deserving and courageous young man might be given the opportunity to see again. Bless all of you.
—Sage, sponsor of Kelvin, a 16-year-old boy with keratoconus

It brings tears to my eyes to receive your newsletter and know that you are still helping so many children! I will never forget when we received your grant to help pay for Neocate for our son. It was his only nutrition and our insurance didn’t cover it. So expensive yet so important. First Hand was there for us and turned my tears into happy joy tears. You have such a soft spot in my heart! Thank you for all you did for us and how you are still helping the little lambs in our world.
—Mother of Carson, a one-year-old boy who required a specialized formula for nutrition

THANK YOU!!! Words are not enough at this moment to know that Ryder will be able to get his (cranial) helmet! I can’t stop smiling!!!!! I am beyond relieved and thrilled to get the process started!
—Mother of Ryder, a six-month-old boy with plagiocephaly

I have no words to express my gratitude to the First Hand Foundation! The family members express their thanksgiving, too. As soon as the surgery is over, they will get back their lost smiles, joy and, of course, Archana’s leg in good condition. You have brought back life, light and hope into Archana’s life.
—Social worker for Archana, a six-year-old girl who was hit by a truck

I wanted to send a note of gratitude thanking First Hand for Cooper’s grant money to purchase his adaptive stroller. I can’t thank you enough for the enormous, generous gift and what this means to us. This fills a need for him that wasn’t possible without your help and support. It is such a huge blessing.
—Mother of Cooper, an eight-year-old boy with a seizure disorder

That is wonderful news! Please tell everyone involved thanks for their understanding and compassion.
—Mother of James, a three-year-old boy with corpus callosum and chromosome 1 deletion

I was so surprised and happy to hear y’all were able to help us get Aiden’s adaptive tricycle. We have had it for a few weeks now and Aiden’s life and outside time has had a drastic change. If it is not raining, he wants to ride his bike—he doesn’t care how hot or how cold it is. Thanks to y’all, he has a newfound strength and a newfound freedom. We can’t say “thank you” enough.
—Mother of Aiden, a five-year-old boy with cerebral palsy

Remyl underwent his second open heart surgery last January. He is now at home and on his way to full recovery thanks to his doctors and, of course, to you at First Hand. My sincerest thanks to you and this mean a lot to me and my family.
—Mother of Remyl, a 15-year-old boy with a congenital heart disease

Thank you for helping our daughter, Ceci. Ceci is now two years and two months old and she has gone through seven surgeries in total. As Ceci’s father, I have accompanied her for over one year without a job to go through all the medical processes. Your kindly financial help has reduced much of our burden.
—Father of Ceci, a two-year-old girl who needed surgery to remove a giant, precancerous mole

Thanks a million for helping us. Aalishk’s parents are immensely happy, grateful and more than satisfied with the help they got from First Hand.
—Social worker for Aalishk, a six-year-old boy who needed kidney surgery