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About First Hand

Cerner Corporation has always been dedicated to transforming health care through innovative technology and practices. Cerner CEO and co-founder Neal Patterson has said, “Health care is personal.” In the end, nothing matters more than our health and our families.

When Cerner associates noticed, over time, that health care systems around the world were broken—that children across the globe were unable to access the care they needed—they decided to take action. In 1995, Jeanne Lillig-Patterson, Neal Patterson and Cliff Illig wove Cerner’s mission, values and strong culture of giving into a foundation that bridges the gaps in health care, providing access to care where care is beyond reach.

First Hand Foundation is a public 501(c)(3) organization that provides funding for individual children—both domestically and globally—who need assistance with clinical necessities (such as surgery, medication and therapy), medical equipment and travel related to care.

In recent years, we have created a range of programs with a preventative approach, working with wider populations through schools and community settings to identify health issues before they become critical, to promote healthy behaviors and to empower individuals to take charge of their health.

What makes us different?

  • We provide both domestic and global funding—every child deserves the chance to live a better life.
  • We develop and refine effective, proactive wellness programs that have measurable outcomes and leverage Cerner’s technology, solutions and expertise in health care.
  • We direct your dollars to support First Hand children, families and community programs, using Cerner’s generous matching gift to cover the foundation’s administrative expenses.
  • We use an entrepreneurial approach to develop innovative ways to impact health around the world.