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Imagine a world where...

Children receive access to needed care and to health and wellness programs, allowing them to thrive and succeed. First Hand is committed to creating this world.

Announcements Announcing Cerner Charitable Foundation

This year, we celebrate the first 25 years of giving through our charitable foundation, First Hand, and look to the future. We have the exciting opportunity to evolve and broaden the foundation’s scope. With a goal to expand the foundation’s reach and advance Cerner’s impact through corporate philanthropy, First Hand Foundation is evolving to Cerner Charitable Foundation.

Funding Apply for Case Grant Funding

First Hand provides funding for children whose families cannot afford medical care, equipment, vehicle modifications, or displacement related to care. Review the assistance criteria and financial guidelines to determine if your child qualifies for funding.

What We Do

Imagine a world where...
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School Health

Healthy Lifestyles Begin in Childhood
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You can make a difference for children all over the world through First Hand.
I just wanted to share with you that Brittany…is now…loving school, loving being a big sister and loving her new smile thanks to First Hand. She is cavity free! Brittany is making sure she keeps those teeth looking great! Family Representative, Community Volunteers in Medicine READ MORE STORIES
Case grant funding just lets you focus on your kid. It lets you focus on their recovery instead of worrying. Tracy, Cayden's Mom, Case Grant Recipient READ MORE STORIES
It’s been so fun to participate and support First Hand that we really don’t even think about the money. It’s the benefit and the outcome and the kids. Doug Reinhardt, HPE, Major Event Sponsor READ MORE STORIES